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Written on 13-12-2005 23:06 by Webmaster

Here you can find information about quite a few species of fish and plants, foods, articles about technical stuff and a handful of DIY (do it yourself) projects. There is an overview of my own aquariums. I also maintain a sort of aquaria blog, though not on a daily basis.<br><br> <a href="/site/about.html">You can find more information about hojleddet.dk here</a>, and an <a href="/site/senest_opdateret.html">overview of the latest updates here</a>.<br><br> <b>Site news 7. september 2006</b><br> My main focus for the time being are guppyes and I hope to establish 2-3 beatiful, strong and healthy strains of guppy over the future. Apart from the guppyes, I intend to keep a handful of other species, and recently I also aquired some Red Cherry Shrimps. I furthermore plan to focus on plants and their demands as it is an area I haven't previously spent time on.<br><br> <b>Site news 10. august 2006</b><br> I have worked on the "multi-lingual" (Danish and english) part of my site and there have been some errors from time to time, for instance when selecting english resulted in an empty page, and some errors can still happen when selecting language. But I have now achieved a much simpler task when translating and publishing, which hopefully will result in more articles in english. Along with that I have also added other new features to the site.<br><br> </div> <div class="row3"> <hr size="1"> <div class="c47"><img src="/images/site/flag-danish.png" alt="På dansk:"> Jeg har fået etableret de tekniske forudsætninger for at oversætte siderne til engelsk, og alle oversigtssiderne findes nu i en engelsk version. Der vil fra nu af ske en gradvis oversættelse af de enkelte artikler, men der vil gå et godt stykke tid før jeg er færdig.<br><br> </div> <div class="c47"><img src="/images/site/flag-english.png" alt="In english:"> I have established the foundation for the english translation, and all the overview pages can now be found in english versions. From now on I will begin translating the single articles to english, but it will probably last a while until I'm fisnished.<br><br> </div>