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Stored information about visitors and the use of this information.

Written on 24-10-2006 15:07 by Webmaster

All visits to hojleddet.dk are stored in the servers log-files, i.e. time of visit, referring URL, what page(s) you viewed and your IP-adresse are stored. The sole purpose for gathering this information is analyze which pages attracts most unique visitors, how many pages each visitor views and also ordinary adminstrative tasks of this website (hojleddet.dk). None of these informations will be distributed in any form to other parties, neither will they be used for commercial purposes of any kind. When they have been analyzed, they will be deleted. Information provided by the users in the guestbook or as comments to individual pages can be accessed by robots outside the control of hojleddet.dk and users are cautioned not to provide information that could misused.<br><br> <h2>Cookies</h2> Furthermore hojleddet.dk uses "cookies" a small text file, temporarily placed on the visitors computer while viewing pages from hojleddet.dk and erased when leaving the site (this is influenced by settings in the visitors browser). Accepting a cookie from hojleddet.dk does not endanger the visitors privacy and doesn't pose a security threat, as cookies are not used for gathering personal information. Cookies from hojleddet.dk will not your computer, But you can choose not to accept the cookie in your browser. This will not influence your ability to view the pages from hojleddet.dk or affect your visit in any other way, except for a small text-string that is appended to the URL to replace the cookie functionality.<br><br> <h2>Changes to this policy</h2> If changes to this Privacy policy occur, or if there is major changes to the information gathered or their use, der indsamles, it will be emphasized on this page. Visitors are hereby advised to review this policy from time to time.<br> If you have any doubts or questions regarding this you are most welcome to send me an email or leave a comment below.<br><br> Carsten<br> <i>webmaster</i>